Everything You Need To Know About Cleansing Your Lashes

What’s a night out look without your lashes? An unfinished look! Lashes are like the cherry on top of any look, but those dollars add up once you start tossing them after every use. Long lasting eyelashes have clean application, proper cleansing and consistent after care. But what’s the difference between individuals and strip eyelashes? How do you clean individual and strip eyelashes?
Individual eyelashes are applied by a licensed esthetician. They are individually applied with one extension or more to your natural lash. Strip lashes are more simple and can be applied by anyone who is willing to learn how (and willing to deal with the frustration of getting down the technique, and yeah it’s frustrating). Strip lashes are applied with adhesive glue and your fingertips, tweezers or eyelash tool. So how do you properly clean these?
For individual eyelash extensions www.chrissanthie.com is the best lid cleanser. This cleanser can be used as a daily makeup remover and eyelash cleanser. It is very suitable for all eyes and avoids the risk of blepharitis.
  1. Use a pinch of eyelash cleanser on damped cotton round (Q-Tip, disposable lip gloss brush and etc.)
  2. Gently swipe cotton round on the lid of the eye
  3. Place cotton round on the lip for one minute
  4. Use your index finger and gently rinse the cleanser off the lid
  5. Use a disposable mascara wand and brush thoroughly through your lashes
Strip eyelashes can be cleaned with a hot water and baby wash if necessary.
  1. Boil hot water
  2. Grab a clean bowl and cautiously pour water in bowl
  3. Place strip eyelashes in a bowl for 3-5 minutes
  4. Gently remove the eyelashes on a clean surface
  5. Remove glue (Easy removal)
  6. Place eyelash between your index finger and middle finger
  7. Hold eyelash tight
  8. Brush thoroughly with disposable mascara wand
Consistent after care will leave you with stunning results. On a side note, if you don’t have the patience to master the art of applying strip lashes you’re more than welcome to grab a stunning full set or infill from myself. Book today and have a stunning day! Any questions, comments or concerns, please email stunnher@gmail.com.